WebRTC Development Trends For 2021

As we all have seen what disaster COVID-19 has made in the year 2020 and also manages the same to do in the year 2021.

It’s needless to say that WebRTC technology has helped us a lot in 2020 and is still helping in the year 2021. WebRTC allows for video calls with family and friends, remote work, education, and business meetings. WebRTC is one of the most exciting technologies in this decade.

2021 is considered a transitional year for WebRTC

Video is undoubtedly the future of the internet. We have seen the value of WebRTC in 2020. WebRTC’s live video calls and other WebRTC apps proved to be extremely beneficial. WebRTC offers something for almost all industries, including healthcare, education, IT professionals and real estate.

Experts say it is difficult to get back to the “old normal”. Even if social distancing and face masks disappear, it is hard to return to the “old normal”. 2021 could be the year for change. This change will amplify the established trends in WebRTC development.

Let’s have a look at some of them -

Broadcast Technologies combined with WebRTC

High-end WebRTC technologies could replace many of the traditional in-person events, such as business conferences, by 2021. These WebRTC technologies could virtually replicate the value of in-person conferences by streaming live conference calls. It will allow anyone to participate remotely in the conference.

WebRTC has the power to handle hybrid and completely virtual events. These technologies are expected to increase in popularity, allowing broadcasting on a large scale and with low latency. It would also allow attendees to communicate in real-time with speakers and other attendees.

Remote work is the new job

The COVID pandemic has radically changed the way we view remote work. Although it is expected that most people will return to their offices by 2021, many companies, especially those in metropolitan areas, would be more open to working remotely.

Many businesses will look at cost-effective options such as zoom. Custom software would still be possible. Tools that provide a unique user experience with industry-specific features.

WebRTC Privacy: More Attention

When it comes to WebRTC security, there are many aspects to consider. E2EE is a media server that allows end-to-end encryption for group video calls. WebRTC is the only way to provide this level of security.

More Niche Products

Niche-specific WebRTC development is one of the fastest-growing trends in 2021. There is much generic software in the market. WebRTC products are expected to be in high demand due to their niche-specific applications.

Conclusion -

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