James Jor

Mar 23, 2020

3 min read

Points to Consider Before Making a Hybrid Mobile App

Mobile applications are basically designed or developed to enhance the functionality of mobile devices. You may encounter number of mobile apps in the market competing with one another. In actual there are three types of mobile applications.

They are Native application, Web Application and Hybrid Application. They are differentiated on the basis of technologies and programming techniques used to develop them.

Hybrid Applications are similar to native mobile applications and are programmed using the web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript etc.

Hybrid apps are often preferred over the other two for the ability to offer cross-platform functionality. While developing the application various points need to be considered so that the resulting application satisfies the user point of view.

Hybrid applications not only make it easy and convenient for writing code but they also save time and money. Hybrid applications are high in demand have developed into the most crucial part of today’s application market. It is one code based but well for multiple platforms.

Following are the points that should be considered before developing Hybrid Mobile Application:

Hybrid mobile application is built with the contribution of various application frameworks. On the other hand, Native apps are to be one of the well-documented technology stacks.

Though procedure involved in the development is similar but still it is very crucial to beforehand decide the framework for your project. Application is of no use unless and until it is installed on the mobile devices.

To make this possible there is a kind of wrapper that helps in installation of the application on devices. This is provided by the framework that is selected for the Hybrid App. In addition to the wrapper there are libraries and packages that introduce functionalities in the application.

Understanding Present and Future Scope of Application:

The developer should study about the features that need to be build in the application as well as what are the present and future prospects of the application.

It is seen that if the application is developed without considering its scope in the present and future then the product may face failure and is pulled down and replaced with a native app.

So, from the point to make money and gain success, a hybrid app development company requires to do proper study in prior just to figure out the most demanded apps by users.

Utilization of Memory :

Memory and storage is always a top priority while installation of an application. While developing Hybrid application it should be taken into consideration the amount of memory it would utilize.

The application that requires moderate memory amount can’t be categorized as Hybrid application. Though memory usages is an important issue but sometimes while coping up with this would restrict the capability and functionality of the application.

Differentiation Between Usage Native Code and Hybrid Code:

Every application has some functionality and features that require native codes to be included. The application developers should keep this point in mind. An application is combination of some codes to be done in native manner and some part to be designed with the help of hybrid code.

This differentiation decides the success of the application in future. So, it becomes important to make the difference accurately. In simple words, if a company goes for building the application natively, the cost would be unbearable.

So, they try to go for the hybrid application with some features coded natively. Plans and development process should be wisely done in such a balanced way that proper proportion of each hybrid and native codes lead to success of the application.

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