How will 5G Change the Mobile App Development Game in 2019?

2019 is here, and so is 5G. With South Korea launching the first ever 5G network, yet another Internet revolution is around the corner. As 2019 marks the advent of 5G, mobile hardware companies as well as mobile application development companies see more than opportunity ahead; it could very well be a paradigm shift down the line. And we are here to talk about just that.

But before we see what changes it’s going to bring to mobile apps, let’s get acquainted with 5G first.

What You Should Know about 5G

The first 5G network was launched in South Korea on Dec 1st 2019.

5G has the potential to run at 10 to 50 Gbps or even higher. As far as testing is concerned, we’re talking about 1 terabit per second when in the testing environment. That is approximately 65,000 times faster than what 4G can ever deliver.

Giants like Verizon, Apple, Samsung, and One Plus are almost ready to launch 5G smartphones in 2019–2020.

By 2021, 1 million 5G connections are expected to be used worldwide.

So, What Does It Mean for Mobile App Development Services?

Contrary to the popular belief that 5G is just about speed, it has much more to offer. And that is what will bring about a change in the way we develop mobile apps right now, the way we design them, and even how mobile app builders work right now.

Here’s what 5G will mean for app development.

Low or Zero Latency will Give Way to Immersive Experience

With tens and thousands of app not being able to see the second sun because of latency, 5G is something that really matters. With the requirement of even shorter response times (less than 3 seconds), ultra low latency is what we will focus on.

This will certainly have an impact on 3D immersive games, real-time augmented reality as well as virtual reality applications.

Enhanced Broadband Experience with High Speed Transfer

Enhanced broadband capacities certainly point at media-rich experiences.

Faster upload and download ((transfer) speeds of files are ready to give way to exceptional streaming experiences especially for videos, AR, and VR.

IoT will Be at the Center Stage

Though speed is not the criterion for the Internet of Things, the focus, nevertheless, will be on adding more IoT devices and offering better connectivity.

Massive machine type communication is what we’re talking about. It is a narrowband access type of a number of sensing devices that can track and monitor, while using very little power. mMTC is, in fact, one of the best uses that offer using sensory devices with low energy but great efficiency.

Higher connected device density plus low latency offer many a mobile app development company with potential the opportunity for device rich 5G applications.

With a good look into what 2019 and the arrival of 5G will bring to mobile application development companies, one can imagine what the future of the Internet, smartphones and mobile application will be like. While 2019 is not exactly the year when everything changes, it certainly tolls the bell for change.



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