How To Create A Video Chat App With WebRTC?

What WebRTC Is?

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), an open-source project, allows peer-to-peer communication between web browsers in real-time to stream live video and audio streams over a network.

This technology is already present in modern browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, as well as mobile browsers like Google Chrome and Safari.

How to Setup WebRTC Signaling -

Two types of servers are required to set up WebRTC signaling.

1. STUN Server

The STUN (Session Traversal Utilities to NAT) server does exactly the same thing I just described. It provides computers with a place to exchange contact information. Once the information has been exchanged, the connection between the peer computers is established. The STUN server is then removed from the conversation.

This is an example script that runs on your client and allows you to establish a connection through a STUN Server. In case of failure, multiple URLs can be provided by the script to STUN servers.

function createPeerConnection() {

myPeerConnection = new RTCPeerConnection({

iceServers: [


urls: “”,





The best and most cost-effective way to communicate via WebRTC is through STUN servers.

2. TURN Server

The extension to the STUN server is the TURN (Traversal Using Relay NAT Server). It handles all communication sessions, which is what makes it different from its predecessor.

It works by connecting to peers and receiving streams from each peer. Then it relays the streams to the other. This type of communication is more costly and hosts must pay for bandwidth and processing costs to run a TURN server.

Building a Custom Video Chat Application

Although it is possible to create your own video chat system using JavaScript code and public STUN servers for free, not everyone will be capable of connecting to your platform. If you want to offer reliable services to your users, it is essential that you use TURN servers.

It can be difficult to set up WebRTC platforms, as they mentioned. They are fortunate to have an all-in-one commercial platform that makes it easy to build a WebRTC video chat application. Let’s look at and how it can ease your burdens.

What Is? is a WebRTC-powered hybrid app development company. They have spent many hours creating high-performing solutions like video conferencing mobile apps that include chatbots, interactive messaging, screen recording, and screen recording for clients from various industries.

Quality results are delivered at all stages of the product’s life cycle, including maintenance and support.

Services -

Consultation is able to help you develop engaging solutions. RTCWeb has been instrumental in the development of many successful One to Many, Many to Many, and Live Streaming projects as well as custom mobile app development projects.

Their WebRTC Consultants are highly experienced and can help you build cost-effective, scalable WebRTC apps.

  • Technology Assistance

You know what you want, but aren’t sure how to do it? Are you stuck with technical issues? Do you want the best architecture for your business with less risk? They can help you with any bottlenecks or edge cases.

  • Product Strategy and Management

RTCWeb offers a fresh outlook! They can help you get ahead in the competitive market by defining product requirements and priorities.

Prototyping and MVP

Get a glimpse into your custom-built RTC product and learn about its core features. Also, determine the risk factors using our MVP and Prototype services.

RTCWeb creates a prototype and MVP for your product following a meticulously planned process. This includes:

  • Requirement gathering

The RTCWeb team will help you understand your product requirements and requirements, including scalability requirements and the number of users.

  • Flowchart/Wireframe creation

They assess the requirements and choose the most suitable languages, frameworks, and third-party services for building a PoC. To show the interface elements, a wireframe/flowchart will be created.

  • Designing Prototype Screens

After the wireframe is complete, RTCWeb creates prototype screens using Adobe Photoshop.

  • Linking Prototype Screens

They link all prototype screens together in the final step to create a final product. This gives you a complete experience of your product.

Development and Integration -

RTCWeb has the in-depth knowledge of WebRTC that allows them to assist you in developing intuitive, robust, and reliable real-time communication solutions that work on both web and mobile devices.

RTCWeb integrates WebRTC systems critical for real-time voice/video calls and messaging.

Integration Services for Enterprises

  • Implementation by third parties
  • Custom APIs development.
  • Integration with hybrid, private, or public cloud.
  • Solutions that last.
  • Quality commitment.
  • Fault-tolerant systems.
  • Integration with other enterprise solutions systems
  • Best practices and industry standards.

Support Services

Their experienced technology partners will support you in real-time communication. RTCWeb’s support services are focused on collaboration, communication, and integration as well as maintenance. Automating the post-delivery process allows applications to be available, agile, and predictable.

  • Centralized Management
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Performance Optimization and Testing
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous development
  • Logging and Monitoring

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