Hi, I am passionate technical researcher & writer, skilled in writing about web, app, UX/UI development, technologies,e-learning,webrtc & more.


  • Shyam Adhikari

    Shyam Adhikari

    User interface designer. Making products more human.

  • Shubham Shrivastava

    Shubham Shrivastava

    Product enthusiast. Interested in technology and its capability of transforming the world.

  • Viral Tagdiwala

    Viral Tagdiwala

    My work straddles around webRTC, noise reduction, and everything to do with audio over the web

  • akbar wibawa

    akbar wibawa

  • GameHot



  • Fowedlung Ashiangwi

    Fowedlung Ashiangwi

    converting ideas into words is a lifestyle to me, which continually makes me to increase on my personality of dynamism and positivity.

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