James Jor

Apr 7, 2020

3 min read

Eight Most Important Reasons Behind The Popularity Of PHP

Today, PHP is one of the widely used programming languages across the world. It is a great language with versatile features and functionalities that help developers to create effective web pages and applications for customized requirements.

So, here are the top features of PHP that make it so popular as a programming language:

1.No Installation cost:

PHP is an open source framework, meaning that you don’t have to pay any cost for the installation. Being an open source platform means that it is readily available for the new developers who just want to test their development skills.

2.Simple code standard:

PHP doesn’t have a very difficult coding standard and hence, writing a program in PHP is very easyas compared to the other web application development platforms.

Writing a PHP script is pretty straightforward and simple . Thus, PHP application development is a quicker process when compared to developing apps using other platforms.

3 Versatile web development platform:

PHP code can run on all other major platforms, allowing developers to make changes even in the different development environments. For businesses, this would mean cost effective utilization of the current framework and other web development platforms like Unix, Linux and Windows.

4. Multi-Layer Security:

PHP is a secure platform that lets you protect your site from malicious attacks, threats, and viruses. PHP offers multi-layered security to protect your site from bugs and malware attacks. It helps you to create a secure website and web applications.

5. Flexibility:

PHP offers maximum level of flexibility as compared to the other languages. PHP application development is the best fit for any business that wants to develop customized applications for its needs. This is because PHP’s modular system is highly capable to integrate with several libraries like XML and more.

6. Highly supported platform:

PHP platform is supported by a huge library of resources and online study materials. Being open source, developers can easily learn from other users across the globe and this is certainly the chief reason why PHP is being adopted by many web application development companies.

7. Capable Platform:

PHP is fully capable web application development platform which is capable of handling a lot of traffic. It is a server side scripting language which provides PHP powers to do the programming similar to other CGI applications.

8. Wide Range of Extensions:

PHP comes with wide ranges of extensions to extend its core functionalities. These extensions help users to control the source code and also allows to change the code,even when the development process is over.

Thus, using PHP platform, developers can easily integrate any kind of extension settings into web applications that they are developing.

Moreover, PHP is an open source platform so you don’t need to pay any fees for purchasing its license version. It is also a secure development platform which is supported by the huge community of online experts. This inspires many companies to use PHP for web application development.

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